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1.0 Quench Your Thirst For Technology: Working w/ Wikispaces

October 13th & 14th

Quench Your Thirst for Technology Series (pdf)

Best Practices in Classroom Wikis

Mr. Bergman's Science Wiki
Mr. Bruce's History Page
Mr. GK's Physics Page
Mr. Stephonson's Renaissance Wiki
Utopia Wiki for English

Other Examples of Educational Wikis

How Will You Use Your Wiki?

  • To post and course objectives
  • To post lesson plans
  • To post assignments
  • To post study guides
  • As part of a lesson

Questions to Consider When Lesson Planning

  • Can you combine this with the content skills they need to demonstrate?
  • Rubric First. What do you want the end product to look like?
  • How do you want to evaluate on the wiki format?
  • Sample projects. Do you have sample projects you would like to show students?

Agenda - October 12 & 13th Sessions


1. Visit
2. Sign up for a Wikispaces Account
3. Confirm your email address (requires you to log into your email)
4. Request a Free Educational Wiki
5. Set Permissions
6. Join my Wiki >
7. Invite Members or Ask Members to Join
8. Confirm Memberships
9. Create Home Page
9. Add Two (2) New Pages: Handouts & Online Resources
10. Link New Pages and Home Page
11. Insert Document
12. Insert Internet Link
13 Insert Image
14. Insert Table of Contents

Lesson Resources



Getting Started (Student Handout)


Online Resources

Example of Student Wiki- Teen Girl Squad