Don’t know what to do for your DLT project?
Need help planning your DLT project?
Choose Option #6

Work with the high school media specialist using best practices in technology integration to develop students’ global competencies and information literacy skills. Complete all class requirements to design a week’s work of lessons/unit showcasing HQT and effective technology practices. Share with colleagues.

We’re forming a study/work group that will walk you step-by-step through the process transforming and existing unit/lessons to meet 21st Century Standards for Tech Integration and Global Competency.

Option #6 is broken out into three sessions: a full day workshop; an individualized follow-up meeting; and, a team work day. The full day workshop will provide the opportunity for educators to transform or create a new unit, write essential questions, develop a unit map, identify resources and teaching strategies, consider elements of instructional design, including setting instructional outcomes and developing student assessments that lead to critical thinking and problem solving.

Teachers will then meet with the project coordinator for a follow-up meeting and receive individualized training and support to help step-by-step through the entire project from mapping out a unit to designing individual lesson plans. Finally, teachers will work collaboratively online to share ideas and resources and meet for a Team Work Day to create a portfolio framework to showcase student work.

Designing Lessons that Develop 21st Century Skills and Global Competency.
Designing Units for Inquiry and Critical Thinking.
Developing a Toolkit for 21st Century Teaching & Learning

Framework: CCS, Blooms

Introduction 8:00 - 9:00

How do we move from knowledgeable to knowledge-able?
What does it mean to be knowledge-able?
Michael Wesch - Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able 00:00 - 4:10

How do we create more globally responsible and responsive students?
What does a globally responsible curriculum look like?
More Mike Wesch 8:14

What does student engagement look like?
A Teacher in Tokyo
The Girl Who Silenced the UN for 5 Minutes

What 21st Century Skills/Global Competency are Important?
Where do you teach these in your curriculum?
Session I - 9:15 - 10:15

How can we instill critical thinking and problem solving skills to prepare our students for college and beyond?
What does that look like in elementary school? In Jr. High? In High School?

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
Taxonomy of Reflection

How would you rate the following projects?

Sample Projects
Cigar Box Project
Collaborative Resource Google Doc List
Google Docs for Peer Editing
Remembrance Day
Writing & Resources
Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men
The Final Frontier: Explorers or Warriors
Anchor Project for Differentiated Learning using VoiceThread

Differentiated Learning
Session II - 10:30 - 11:30

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
What is Inquiry Based Learning

There is no right way to do something wrong. ~ Author Unknown

Essential Questions
EQ Webquest for Teachers
50 Argument Essays
The Questioning Toolkit

H&R Block Commercial
To do the job the right way, you need the right tool.
Session III - 12:30 - 1:30

Understanding Assessment in Media Education
Types of Assessment
Using Rubrics to Assess Media Work in the Classroom
Assessment Terms

Cooperative Learning Strategies
Creativity Techniques
Glossary of Teaching Strategies
Simple Teaching Strategies
Strategies for Critical Literacy
Teaching Strategies for a Respectful and Collaborative Classroom
Teaching & Learning Strategies for the Thinking Classroom
Online Reading Strategies by Debbie Abilock
Unit Maps

Common Core Standards National Initiative
Common Core Standards Illinois Adoption
21st Century Standards
Information Literacy Standards
Lesson Planning

What is Inquiry Based Learning

A Compelling Image of Rigour


Writing Spaces
More Ideas and Reflections on Teaching and Learning
Mind Shift
Thinking Mind
The Open Classroom
Cut / Paste by Peter Pappas
Transformative Curricular Technology
Teaching, Learning and Professional Development during and era of Change